A Visit to Cairns, Australia


It’s lush, tropical and green, a welcome rest from our latest trip to the Outback. Devoid of those flies which had plagued us, we sat back and enjoyed our trip.

Cairns was more humid than just hot. Whitsundays Tour The hotel where we were staying was like a southern plantation situated on the edge of the rainforest. At nighttime time, supporting the hotel there was a large pond, or perhaps it was a swamp, and we could hear the musical songs of frogs, crickets and different animals by the rain forest. We stood and listened for a while to savor nature’s recital – an odd orchestra for all those of us who’re normally surrounded instead by the noises of the hustle and bustle of the individual kind.

Excitedly we ended a catamaran for two hour excursion into the floating dock at the outer Great Barrier Reef. With a typhoon threatening each day or off land, the waters were extremely rough resulting in roughly 50% of those passengers aboard being sick, for example some of the team. I was blessed that my balance was complete sync with the rocking chair, lurching ship. When we came, underwater scooters have been unloaded, scuba and snorkelling gear was prepared for usage and an excellent lunch had been served, to those who believed sufficient to partake of it.

After lunch some chose that the scuba and snorkelling options although some chose the submersible where we could return and view the sea and also the fish with no chance of becoming wet. Surprised and slightly disappointed, I expected the reef to be far more colourful as it had been. I also thought there are varied fish in addition to ones who were more vivid than what we saw. Nevertheless, regardless of my tastes, and exactly what I watched, there are reportedly 30 species of dolphins, whales and porpoises at the Great Barrier Reef, 1,500 fish species, 17 species of marine snakes, 6 species of sea turtles, 25 species of shark, stingray and skates and 9 species of seahorse. There are likely to become 2,900 reefs in the Coral Sea where the Great Barrier Reef is part with 400 coral species which are all living organisms. There are also 500 species of seaweed and 15 species of sea grass in the world wide system. Saltwater crocodiles live in mangrove and salt marshes near the world. In spite of not seeing exactly what I likely to visit, the trip was a superb adventure.

We took the Skyrail, a cable car system over the volcano over Barron Gorge National Park. We moved from Kuranda into the suburbs of Cairns, a distance of 7.5 kilometers of cableway quitting at two rainforest stations. One stop was Barron Falls station where we walked along boardwalks resulting in three of the fall’s lookouts. In a few areas we barely skimmed the tree shirts while in different areas we were high . In most regions the leaves was so thick we couldn’t find the trunks of the trees. Even the Skyrail cable cars began functioning in 1995 amid controversy over potential harm to the volcano’s eco system.

Cairns was officially established in 1876 although in 1770 James Cook mapped the near future site of the town calling it Trinity Bay. It is 1,700 km from Brisbane and 2,700 kilometers from Sydney. It is just a tropical climate with monsoon season during the months of November to May and dry season from June to October. We were blessed that people experienced no more rain while we were there in March. This lovely city has a population of around 153,000; is put back and forth. Besides tourism, sugar cane, bananas and coffee are grown on land that had been mangroves. Also as exactly what we watched there’s the lagoon to go to, the botanical garden, Trinity Beach, the historical society museum, the opportunity to have a harbour cruise or go to the Gulflander-Kuranda Scenic railroad, choose the ocean road to Port Douglas by car or explore one of the 200 walking trails.

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